by Cloudburst

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released September 5, 2014

Mahreza E. : Guitar
Riddho N : Bass
J. Yudha : Drums
A. Okta : Vocals

Produced by Cloudburst
Recorded and Enginereed by Bable Sagala and Devid Salasughi in Watchtower Studios
MIxed and Mastered by Bable Sagala

All music written by Cloudburst
All lyrics written by A. Okta

Cover art by Cloudburst



all rights reserved


Cloudburst Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Cloudburst is a collection of young dudes playing metallic hardcore with chaotic attitude

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Track Name: Dead
new day is draw near the final hour
leave me here to reconcile these unfinished plans
i've never seen down this road there can be
no end in sight for me
You felt nothing in those minutes
I Feel the meaning in my torch
And like this poem that burn in my mind
Skeletons of vowels and pointless advice
This is the years we burned down
(I am) the son of moments and memories
Here's to sleepless dreams of insecurity
Here's to the vanity of vanities
The definition of this deafening silence
the crying of broken beauty
It felt so wrong when I wrote this
I wish I already dead when you found this note
Track Name: Death by A Thousand Cuts
Don't even assay to ensconce behind that meaningless smirk again
sneaky fuck animal So don't ever declare you apprehend
And never profess you're on my side, you're the one that I despise
Stab those motherfuck a reminded past of what the fuck we're living for
So one day there was a moment you made me realize
That fool words coming from your dick-sucking mouth are filled with horrible lies
No chance, Not for a second
I've got no more goddamn regrets